Getting to unfold the pain points of the micro-retailer industry and learning the real problem with the offline transactions, at the heart of Minkspay is a passion of collaborating the micro-retailers and distributors on the digital platform with a holistic approach of revolutionizing the merchant payment industry in a country, i.e. INDIA.

consisting of billions of people, which could fill the void in this community market to provide the right services to every micro-retailer/ distributor and satisfy their needs on time without any hassle. We at Minkspay believe that “the right kind of responsibility leads to the right kind of engagement”. And this is what exactly our company focuses on, redefining the experience on a revolutionary level in just 6 words



Our mission is to provide simple and secure transactions and a seamless experience with high profitability to our valued customers. We offer customers a secure central transaction system which rids them of the burden for routine money and recharge related transactions.


Our vision is entirely committed to our promise of easy, secure and consistent services to assist customers in their transactions.


Our foundation is determined by these four key pillars:


Our foundation is determined by these four key pillars:


January 2016

Way back, the journey of Minkspay all began in 2016 where it all started with MINKS RECHARGE that provided the host of services for retailers ranging from providing recharge services for all the mobile operators (CDMA and GSM) operating across India for postpaid and prepaid categories, wide range of data card recharges, utility bill payments, DTH recharge services and DTH recharging APIs.


November 2016

Heading strongly towards the objective of our company to make the micro retail market organised at a very big scale gradually by introducing multiple game changing products helped us connect with 500+ retailers across more than two states in India by the end of the year 2016.


April 2017

Catching up with an experienced eye eventually and progressing slowly with a systematic approach to bring about a change in the merchant payment industry, the company came up with a platform providing wider opportunities to the retailers, thus enhancing the digital ecosystem with an android app called MINKSPAY which was basically the re-invented version of MINKS RECHARGE that focused on getting few more services operational on the platform besides the ones which were already existing.


November 2017

Almost at the end of 2017, the company launched a micro-banking feature of Money Remittance to meet the remittance need of migrants, unbanked and under-banked population in India. This feature gave a chance to the people to transfer money seamlessly on time, thus eliminating the need to visit a bank and also aimed to empower the migrant population of rural India in every outlet.


December 2017

The connection grew stronger with the expansion of our services in more than six states by the end of 2017 giving us the achievement count of 5000+ retailers with the introduction of micro banking solutions across India.