We empower offline retailers in India to purchase more, sell more and earn more every month. We are on a mission to solve two big problems for retailers:

Lack of Income Growth

Lack of adequate working capital

We started our journey in 2017 when we launched Minkspay with a sole vision of improving a retailer's business life.
We have always believed in using technology to solve real business problems and have successfully enabled more than 10,000 retailers with banking and financial services that they can sell to their walk-in customers, and earn up to 50% additional income every month. This has validated our approach so far and motivated us to solve their next big problem of low working capital.

We aim to make access to digital credit line, for offline retailers in India, as simple as using a credit card for any purchase.


Sanket Shendure

CEO and Co-Founder

Sanmati Shendure

MD and Co-Founder

Rohit Pratap singh

Head of Operations


Pratekk Agarwaal

Credit and Business Expert

Ravi Linganuri

Product and Technology Expert


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